Equinox 24

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The club have organised some teams to enter the Equinox 24 next year.

“The Equinox 24 is a 24 hour mixed terrain race against the clock. Whether entering to run solo or in a team of 2-8; whether you aim to win or just to take part, this race will be exhilarating, testing and rewarding with a great atmosphere. The 10k route will take you around the Belvoir Castle Estate, on completing your lap you will hand over to one of your teammates or if solo keep on running!”

So I haven’t even completed my first proper event 10k and I’ve gone and signed up for a 24hr 10k relay. Pretty standard for me it would seem. I have this real habit of throwing myself into a situation and trying to cope. Thankfully I have till next September to get comfortable at running that distance. And then I can repeat it a few times, through the night…. I am proper excited at the prospect of being involved and think it will be very memorable.

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