New Toys at Grafham Water

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Xmas came a few days early for me this year as I waited in for my parcel from I had treated myself to a Garmin Forerunner 220 and some new trail shoes. I know that it should have been put away for xmas day but I couldn’t help myself and I just needed to check them out.

The GPS watch was something that I had wanted for some time and have been saving up for. I am really hoping that I can get the best from it as I always seem to struggle with pacing myself correctly. It will also come in really useful when I start going to track nights next year. It has loads of features that I will try out and after I have used it a few times I will look to post my thoughts and review the product a little more. Right now I’m just excited to get out there and try it.

I also wanted to invest in some trail shoes after the last frostbite and some of these winter park runs have also led me to believe that I need more in the way of grip when running certain courses. I opted to stick with ASICS due to the comfort I am getting from my GT 2000’s. So I purchased the FUJI TRABUCO 3 TRAIL running shoes and the fact that they support my over-pronation in the same way my GT 2000’s do it was a massive bonus.

So with new toys to try out I needed a plan. Well this was easy, you see as I was busy on Sunday I unfortunately missed out on the clubs annual Santa run around Grafham Water. And whilst that course was very tough for me last time out (albeit was in pitch black darkness) I was disappointed to of not gone and had another go at it in the light of the day. Well I wasn’t deterred and after making arrangements with a work colleague to accompany me I set off for a Monday lunchtime run around Grafham Water myself. A perfect way to road test my new toys.

It was such a different run in the light, beautiful and very picturesque in places. The course itself was still challenging even though I could see where I was going this time. At times especially when the undulating hills become visible I was somehow thinking it was better not seeing them as the mental aspect of having to run up them was harder than when I didn’t’ know they were there…

After 1:31:07 I crossed the 9 mile mark. I was only 1:19 quicker this time around but it was still a PB of sorts for me and so I will take that with open arms.


I really enjoyed the run and the watch was great, even though I found myself running and staring at my wrist for large portions of the time. I was impressed with my shoes also, as we all know that you are supposed to break them in gently, but after 9 miles I never had one blister or sore. Top running comfort and another win for gait analysis and the correct footwear.


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