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The Running Man!

I needed a new challenge after my weight loss journey and have thought long and hard about what to aim for next. For me it really only ever pointed down one road and that was to actually channel my new found energy and confidence into getting fit. Just because you lose weight does not mean that you are fit. I have started playing squash and do frequent the GYM but I needed to focus some new challenges and goals into my life. Something that is personal and individual to me. Running!… Now I know I few people that do this and I’ll be honest I always thought they were utter mad. I mean who would run unless you had too…. And that then made me think… what if I had too?!…could I?! …. honest answer would be NO!

I used to be a sprinter when I was much younger and represented the school at 100m and 4x100m relay. Now I’m not thinking about getting back into that discipline as I think those days are long gone. I’m now turning my thoughts towards distance running. Again I’m not naive enough to think marathons and the like. I know my place. I am in the market for achieving a comfortable 5k time. I would like to run a sub 30m 5k time. That is my initial goal. One that seems a long way off, but then again my weight loss programme seemed equally as daunting but was finally achieved.

Let’s see just how far I can take this particular journey……


SlimmingWorld Is Awesome!

It was October 2013 that I returned from a 3 week software install in Germany when I had decided that enough was enough and something had to be done about my weight. I have never ever tried to diet before, sure I’ve flirted with the idea, but I never ever really meant it or was serious enough to really ever stick to anything. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t one of those individuals who didn’t think they was overweight. Deep-down I knew that I was and to be honest I knew that I wasn’t getting any smaller as the days and meals went by. I remember vividly sitting in a restaurant with my work colleague smashing the biggest Indian curry known to man and talking about how fed up I was about being fat. I laugh now when I think back as the irony was epic. Still it was that trip that really made me realise I needed to do something. I went out in clothes that actually didn’t fit me on the way back and spent three weeks in a hotel room with the most unforgiving of mirrors.

Even socials at work were a challenge at times. It was the same year I had signed up to do a dragon boat race for charity with my work in and I was really looking forward to it as it had been something that I had wanted to do for a long while. We were to be in fancy dress and a couple of days before we was all called in to get our allocated fancy dress outfits and i was handed a large. This was NEVER going to fit me and I felt so embarrassed. I was told that I could still attend just wearing my own clothes but I already felt the odd one out due to my size without resulting to actually being visibly the odd one out. It was a horrendous and soul destroying and this resulted in me pulling out from the competition at the last minute as I was so ashamed and embarrassed of my size.


All these events led me to really get serious about weight loss and I needed to find a way to achieve this whereby I felt I could actually be motivated and not feel like I was on a diet that forbidded food. SlimmingWorld was suggested to me and a local class pointed out.

When I walked through the doors at SlimmingWorld back in October of that year it was an incredibly hard thing to do. Firstly to admit that I probably needed the help and secondly because I was a man going into a very female dominated arena. I needn’t of worried as the people I have met their were all so welcoming and reassuring I was soon relaxed enough to start being myself.

I started the food optimising plan with no real goals in mind as at the time as I honestly thought it would be impossible for me to lose the weight I had gained. Let’s get things open and straight on the table here and now. I was a size 42 jean size and was wearing XXXL tops. Clothes shopping was torture, was never something I went out of my way to do and was avoided at all costs. I was very pessimistic anything could work and although I genuinely went into the plan with and open mind it was also with a tinge of that there was no way I can lose as much as was being discussed at the time.

Cutting straight to the business end the plan has been truly the best thing I ever decided to do as I reached target after 10 months. On this journey I have managed to lose over 5 stone and can now get into a size 34 jean size and just brought my first Medium top. I feel so much more confident and have even started playing squash again and frequent the GYM at least once a week. A totally new me with a totally new outlook on life. All in less than 1 year.


Now I have achieved my target it’s not the end, if anything it’s only the beginning as I will continue to stay to group as it was this aspect that was the most important to me on my journey and without the support of my fantastic group and my wonderful SlimmingWorld consultant at the times I really needed them I am not sure I would have achieved my goal. I want to stay on not only to ensure I’m still focused on what I have done but hopefully to inspire any other people who walk through the door as I did and think that reaching their target weight is only a pipedream as I once did.

I was inspired, I want to pass that inspiration on to others.