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I really have the urge to take up running a little more seriously as the weeks have progressed. I really cannot believe how far I have come in the last few months. If i think back to this time last year when I was 5 stone heavier and got out of breath at the thought of reaching for the TV remote it really does make me smile.

At the Parkrun I attend in Huntingdon I got to know of a local running and triathlon club. I approached the club through the membership secretary and arranged to meet on a club run. Of course i was mega apprehensive and wondered if I really was biting off more than I could chew. I really wanted to try this though to see if it was something that could stick.

I turned up and approached the meeting point feeling like the guy with ‘All the gear and no idea”. My nerves were soon settled as I was made to feel really welcome. There was two new starters that night as well so we kind of clung on to each other as things started to get explained about the route being taken etc.

I thought we might be running 5 mile or so which is why i had practiced a few 8k runs before attending the club training night. I thought that would put me in good stead for what i might face.

As we set off it felt really good to be running along as a group. Two distinct groups started to form and i found myself in the front group. This was not intention I can assure you. As the run progressed my inner self started to feel that i had run the 8k that i was used to and i started to struggle a little and the pack I was with started to pull away from me with ease. I found myself now somewhere between the two packs on my own and wondering if it was a left or a right that needed taking (after all this area was completely new to me). And then as if by magic my guardian angel turned up to run alongside me. Someone from the pack behind had clearly spotted the straggler and ran up alongside to check I was okay. This really pleased me and showed a great team spirit. I explained that I was quite new to running and had simply hit a wall and had not run more than 8k before. She then encouraged me and we ran right through to the end of the course. To my utter shock ( and pleasure) I had ran 11k….. that’s right 11k and I had done it in 1:05:19 and my 10k split time was under an hour at 59:12. I was on cloud nine and absolutely buzzing at this. What a first night.


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