Hinchingbrooke Parkrun #2

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I entered the Huntingdon Parkrun again last weekend and was really motivated to give it my best shot. I had run it in 28:56 the week before and that was my only my second sub29 and only 9 secs off my then PB. I was obviously extremely happy with that time and took that confidence into the week where I ran a new 5k route on the Tuesday at 28:40 and then reversed the route on the Thursday coming in at 28:26.

So I lined up on this Saturdays Parkrun determined to try and really push myself, I knew the route now after all and had got over my initial fear of running with others in public. The whistle went and I shot off I managed to get myself into a good stride and as I passed the 1k mark I had hit a PB for this time of 4:50. I just wanted to now keep the pace going and try to sustain it as best I can. Naturally I fell off the sub5 pace but as I passed through the 2k and 3k I knew I was quicker than normal. As I came through the 4k mark I knew if I could find one last push from somewhere I could be on for a good time. I ran as hard as my tired body would allow me and as the finish funnel came into site I found a little bit extra. As I crossed the line I actually thought I was going to embarrass myself and be sick but I managed to fill my lungs with air and somewhat compose myself. All I had to do now was wait for the official time.

This came through on my way home and I had run it in 27:17 and this smashed my PB. I was so very happy with that time and although I know that I’m only 3 months into my running programme and whilst I was not expecting miracles I have genuinely really surprised myself. A year ago I could barely walk up the stairs before getting out of breath so If you had asked me 3 months ago if I ever thought that I could run 5k I would have laughed in your face, let alone run it in 27:17.

here is a list of my PB times over certain distances:

1 km 4m:50s

3 km 16m:04s

5 km = 27m:17s


1 mile 8m:11s

3 miles 26m:38s

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