iSmoothRun App

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iSmoothRun Pro is one of the most advanced run tracking apps you’re going to find for iPhone. It is in my opinion really amazing. Not only does it track your runs, it can track interval training and help you schedule a workout plan to meet your running goals. If you’re looking for the most advanced and feature packed running app then you should really look no further than this app.


There are so many features though that it would take me an age to start listing them all. However one of the many features i really love is the fact that when you run a route it records it. Then when you run that route again you can run against your ghost. it will then give you updates on how far you are behind or in front of your ghost to allow you to adjust your pace accordingly to push for your PB time. I also particularly like the fact that you can export the results to other apps. Take Run Keeper for example if you wanted to record the results against friends from Android or export as file to upload and share your

stats on Endomondo. It’s very versatile and for me clearly is ahead of the game and is so feature rich it’s hard to find anything else that comes close.

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