Gait Analysis and New Feet!

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I have now been running just over two & half months and have managed to sustain several 5k runs without stopping. My personal best now stands at 28:42. I have put in consistent runs sub30 and have been really please with my progress. I honestly never thought that I would get this addicted to running. I have been relatively injury free and had only a couple of niggles. Longest was 10 days of rest whilst a recovered from a pulled calf muscle. That was difficult as i had become so used to going out running it actually annoyed me that I couldn’t.

The one thing that i really needed to do was to get decent footwear. Up till now i had been running in my squash trainers and I knew that this was not good for me. This was no doubt a major factor in a lot of my post-race niggles. With my birthday coming up i decided to treat myself so I headed off to a shop called Advanced Performance that specialise in this type of footwear. A this shop they were able to perform a gait test analysis on how I run. Their staff are trained to take many different variables into account to find the ideal shoe for you, including what they see when they look at your feet while standing and when you run on their in-store treadmill. They will also take into account your build, where you run and how far you run. Basically they will spend as long as it takes with you to find the right running shoe.

After spending some time at the store having my running style filmed and analysis done it showed that I over pronate and needed this type of shoe to correct my running style to minimise injury. I had several pairs to choose from and ended up trying them all on and going outside for a run. How good is that service, they actually let you put them on and take them for a spin. I settled on a pair of ASICS GT-2000 2. Amazingly good fit and it literally felt like I was running on air, well at least compared to running in my flat footed squash shoes. Now I can’t wait to take them on a real test run.


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